Jim Crow Still Lurks

Models: Dionna Stokes & Chris Hall
Photography (film & digital): Elijah Justice

This is a conceptual lookbook and t-shirt created by Elijah Justice that investigates how people of different races, colors, genders, religions, etc., are still being separated against the majority. 

Jim Crow never left in 1965. He found a new way to infiltrate and manipulate the system when laws made it illegal to segregate and discriminate based on race, color, gender, religion, etc. Today he lurks through racial profiling, stereotypes, prejudices, mass incarceration (modern slavery) low income homes, school systems, exploitation and theft of cultures, LGBT communities, microagressions, police brutality, white privilege, etc.

The black garment with white imagery is a metaphor of the minority's body. Its purpose is to act as a mobile broadcast and encourage the wearer to raise awareness and engage in conversation with those around them.

By starting a dialogue and understanding one's feelings, and taking action, we, as a society (regardless of race, color, gender, religion, sexual preference, etc.) can face and defeat Jim Crow.

I plan on posting my full intentions and concept behind each image. But first I want you to determine the story. Available for purchase here.