Kicks On Fire Feature

Early this afternoon I was mentioned in a tweet notifying me of a popular sneaker website, Kicks On Fire, featuring an item from my latest collection of clothing!  The Sunshine &
Dimes tee (designed by Aaron Brown) was featured in the renowned magazine's section
called "SneakerFits".

SneakerFits is a series of outfit grids made by the Kicks On Fire staff to help fellow sneaker heads find clothing to match the latest release of shoes.  Another interesting fact is that both tops featured in the SneakerFit are from TWO OHIO UNIVERSITY STUDENTS!  More specifically even Akron people at that.  It really is Ohio Against The World.

Read the SneakerFits feature here.


The Legend, Scott Leonard

So this past week I met up with a good friend of mine since the early days of high school.  We met at renowned burger restaurant, Swensons.  Finally, after stuffing our faces with Galley Boys, Potato Teezers, and milkshakes we started catching up on each other's lives. 

Scott and I reminisced on the good times at our high school.  This included funny memories of playing xbox, terribly gone wrong house parties, and even the heartbreaking moment where LeBron James left the Cavaliers and Scott became terribly upset.

Shortly after reminiscing, we decided to visit two local malls.  One of these malls was Chapel Hill Mall.  A staple in every Akron child's youth.  We stopped in every shoe store and talked about what's hot and what's not.

Lastly, before our day ended, Scott had to get his hands on the Sunshine & Dimes tee and the Thug Jug™ tee.  Checkout the picture below of The Legendary Scott Leonard rocking the Thug Jug™ tee.

Dreams To Reality

Today I bring you guys a motivational page called Dreams To Reality.  Started by two St. Vincent-St. Mary alumni, Evan and Nic, are looking to encourage people to chase their dreams.  Evan and Nic wanted to create a movement where one could not only become motivated, but stay motivated throughout their journey of dream chasing.  

The page started about a year ago, and they have built up a diverse following.  Ranging from athletes, doctors, teachers, pro athletes, musicians, producers, etc., Dreams To Reality aims to reach anyone who has a dream.  Checkout their new video below to hear about the vision of Dreams to Reality.  

Follow Dreams To Reality on Twitter: @Dre4msToReality

Checkout their website/shop here.