Keith Haring Homage

Keith Haring was born May 4th, 1958 and passed away on February 16, 1990 due to AIDS related-complications. I decided to pay homage to him by creating 5"x5" stickers that I originally drew with marker and hand painted with watercolors. Only fifteen stickers were made and give out for free. For more information about Keith and his artwork read below.

Keith Haring was an American pop artist and social activist. His work spoke about concepts like war, sexuality, birth, death, and more. His simple, illustrated characters became recognized all over. Some of Keith Haring's notable works are: "Crack is Wack", "Radiant Baby", and the Pop Shop. Haring's brightly colored illustrations and graffiti and subject matter opened a new avenue for today's art. Haring found a way to express himself during a time when homosexuality in culture was not accepted. His pop art aesthetic and content helped him stand out from the crowd. He was painted murals, had artwork displayed globally, and his work has been included with sneaker projects for Adidas and Reebok.