What If No. 1

So about a month ago, a friend asked me if I could recreate a model of shoes he just picked up. He recently bought the Adidas Watermelon Halfshell 80s.  However, he is a big fan of Hennessy.  Then he said, wouldn't it be dope if they made some Hennessy Halfshells?  And I was like, yeah that'd be dope for sure.  Then we talked about creating an illustration of what the shoes would possibly look like.  And now here it is!


I'm starting a new collection of shoe illustrations called "What If?"  This will be me mixing unique shoes with whatever I feel like fits.  Example: Adidas x Hennessy, Nike x Pepsi, Louis Vuitton x Starburst, etc.  So be on the lookout for these original pieces that I plan to create.